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    Airbnb Bondi Beach

    Top Reasons why Airbnb Holiday Homes are Better than Hotels for Short Stays

    Planning a holiday after a long time with family and loved ones! Normally, the focus of such vacations is to relieve stress, relax, and enjoy spending time with close people. Fortunately, there are a vast number of accommodation options to choose from nowadays that cater to the varying needs of travelers and vacationers.

    Compared to the traditional accommodation facilities offered by regular hotels, holiday homes like Airbnb’s in Bondi Beach offer more versatility, comfort, flexibility, and privacy. Rental options like condos, apartments, and villas are becoming increasingly popular in the travel and tourism industry. They offer a plethora of benefits and amenities that are hard to get in any other setting. 

    In this blog, we will discuss the benefits and types of holiday homes and Airbnb you can rent, along with the different advantages of renting a holiday home over traditional hotels.   

    What is a Holiday Home Rental?

    An Airbnb vacation rental is any fully or partially furnished property like apartments, villas, cottages, condos, and beach houses that are rented out to guests on a short-term or temporary basis. They are often privately managed by the owner or include their staff or hired managerial assistance. Such properties are well taken care of due to their high demand. They are a lot more spacious than common hotels. Vacation rentals offer a plethora of benefits when it comes to traveling to famous touristy locations which will be discussed in this blog.    

    Common Types of Holiday Homes You Can Rent 

    Holiday rentals and Airbnb can vary in terms of the amount of space they provide, the amenities they offer, and the location they are situated in. The following includes four of the most common types of vacation rentals:


    Condos are typically the smallest type of vacation rental you can find. They usually feature about one or two bedrooms which is ideal for a small group or couple travelling together. Condos offer plenty of room and privacy and come equipped with amenities like a flat-screen TV, WiFi, and a balcony. Unlike a hotel room, a condo offers more room to stretch your legs and often comes included with its laundry facilities saving the guest a lot of money in cleaning their clothes. Some even offer a fully stocked kitchenette so that guests can prepare their meals and feel completely at home.     

    Holiday Homes

    Holiday homes are huge! They are big enough to accommodate even large groups of ten people. Such 

    homes include about 2 to 5 bedrooms. Some even feature fold-out beds to make more room for guests and traveling companions. Holiday home rentals offer a few additional benefits compared to condos.

    Such homes are usually located near rural areas due to a higher demand for space. Hence, these large homes are more suited for accommodating large groups and families who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Some holiday rentals also allow pets so that the guests can enjoy traveling with their four-legged companions as well.    

    Furthermore, vacation homes have enough space to integrate private pools on their property as well. This is perfect for traveling with children who can enjoy playing in the pool under the protection of their parents. Other facilities include amenities like washers and dryers and even a garage to house vehicles. The guests won’t have to deal with unfriendly neighbors for the home is located remotely. Some even come included with a private beach.


    Sometimes travelers wish to live closer to all the action associated with their destination. In this case, renting a townhouse is the perfect option. These are ideal for those who wish to access all the facilities available back home while living near shopping centers, restaurants, bars, public attractions, and casinos. They offer a diverse range of amenities and can house about 4 to 6 people easily. Townhouses are more or less designed to provide a royal experience, featuring amenities like communal pools, tennis courts, and clubhouses. Some even include their gaming room.


    Going up a level we arrive at villa rentals which can be considered the most luxurious type of vocational rental one could opt for. These can easily accommodate medium to large-sized groups of six to eight people. There is usually a bathroom ensuite in every room. This allows all individuals to relax and enjoy a hot bubble bath in peace. Of course, there are also other luxurious amenities like private pools and walkways to enjoy. Some villas even come with their staff for maintenance and room service.

    Advantages of Renting a Holiday Home

    There are many reasons why vacation rentals are just outgrowing hotels in terms of competition, and many of these reasons have been discussed below in detail:

    They are More Affordable than Homes

    When it comes to traveling, budgeting is crucial to have a safe and memorable trip. Everyone wants to save money so that they can enjoy multiple options in one trip. In that respect, holiday homes and Airbnb are far more affordable accommodations than hotels, especially for those traveling in large groups.

    For instance, if an individual is traveling with a family of five, they will need to book a family hotel room with at least three bedrooms. This can get quite expensive as family suites are usually the most exorbitantly priced in any hotel. Booking a three-bedroom Airbnb or holiday rental is more affordable when booked for a short stay. Friends traveling together can also split the cost of renting the property which makes it even more affordable.

    They Offer Much More Space 

    The bliss of having an entire bedroom and bathroom to yourself is indescribable. However, it does not make sense to spend a hefty amount on a hotel room for its limited space and lack of an attached bathroom. Booking a vacation rental eliminates this issue. Guests can come and go as they please without a receptionist keeping tabs on their every move. Vacation homes are larger and more spacious. They offer the feeling of staying in your own home while going on vacation. Guests can enjoy their space and all the amenities that come with it in peace.

    Guests can use their Kitchen

    Eating healthy is a quintessential part of traveling but when visiting a new location, guests may not always get access to nutritional food. This is where vacation rentals offer an interesting advantage. Many feature their own fully stocked kitchenettes which guests have complete access to. They will find the cookware they require along with the food they need to prepare home-cooked meals. Opting for a vacation rental with its own attached kitchenette offers an interesting advantage. It helps guests save money otherwise spend on eating out at exorbitantly priced restaurants.     

    Exposure to Local Customs and Culture

    One of the primary reasons why people travel is not just to get away from everyday life but to explore or discover a different one. People travel across the world exposing themselves to different cultures and lifestyles that enrich their life. Oftentimes, hotels are limited in the experience they provide. They have strict limitations and don’t always facilitate the preferred itineraries of guests. Airbnbs and vacation rentals offer the home-away-from-home experience which is ideal for individuals seeking to explore the local culture. They can move around locations more flexibly.


    So far, after reviewing the benefits of vacation rentals and Airbnb most people would agree that they are ideal for booking short stays in Bondi Beach. With the help of agencies like AU Smart Rentals, you can easily find a vacation rental that is perfectly well-suited to your individual needs.

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