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    Qualities to Look for in a Short-Term Vacation Rental to Stay-in Sydney

    Choosing a rental property is challenging, even if it’s temporary it serves as a home to the individual renting it. There are multiple options in every locality nowadays where the landlords compete relentlessly to attract tenants. Finding a suitable vacation rental property to stay in Sydney involves making decisions like determining a rental budget and lifestyle budget. This is followed by a thorough inspection of the property where, based on their observations a tenant can negotiate for a more suitable rental price. This blog guides new tenants on what aspects and characteristics to look for in a property suitable to stay in.

    Have a look at this checklist we have compiled for you!

    Key Requirements to Look for in a Short Term Vacation Rental

    Pay attention to the following details when conducting an initial inspection of the property one is considering rent:

    Assessing Security 

    Carefully inspect the condition of the deadlocks, locks on the windows, and other security-related features. The degree of security a house can provide would go on to determine the cost of insurance. Before the inspection, the renter should also check with their insurance provider about what type of security features would impact their policy. This will enable them to know exactly what they need to look for.

    Adequate Storage Options  

    Storage space is precious, especially in a home where the tenant intends to move out sometime in the future. Hence, when taking the tour of the property walk around looking for suitable storage locations for items like a bike or snowboard, for instance. Determine whether there is adequate in-built storage space in the pantry, for clothes and appliances that are not used often, like vacuum cleaners.

    Overall Cleanliness

    Rental properties are normally leased out in more or less the same condition they had been inspected in. If the renter happens to discover that there is a lot of junk locked away in the shed or attic, or the yard needs proper weeding, then it is appropriate to enquire whether these issues would be addressed before the move-in. 

    Heating Appliances

    Strictly ask the property agent on site about the condition of the heating and cooling system. Ensure to find out the rooms where such appliances have been integrated and confirm if they are working properly.  

    Space Measurements 

    As a person looking to rent a property in Sydney one shouldn’t shy away from whipping out a measuring tape during the inspection. The goal is to check whether one’s precious dining table or master bed can fit through the doors of the property.

    Crucial Creature Comfort and Amenities

    Renovated Kitchen and Bathroom

    The kitchen and bathroom renovations are specifically emphasized by potential tenants. In some instances, tenants demand that they be provided with a dishwasher. If the property has new fixtures and fittings installed, it gives a contemporary feel which instantly boosts the appeal. If other facilities like the door handles, tap wares, lighting, drawers and cabinet knobs look worn out, they should be replaced. A fresh coat of paint can also so much to liven up the property. 

    Internal Laundry Facilities

    Having to lug a huge pile of clothes to the nearest laundromat is daunting enough for potential tenants to quit on moving into a perfectly good apartment. It may not always be possible to have a dedicated room for laundry, but installing a concealed laundry machine in the cupboard might just suffice. Combined with a washer and dryer in the kitchen, such an apartment would definitely have that edge over other rental properties in Sydney.

    Built-in Robes and Storage 

    As already mentioned earlier, there needs to be adequate storage space in the rental property. Unfortunately, certain older properties may not provide enough built-in or pre-installed storage space that fulfill the individual’s requirements. Every individual inevitably requires space to store their belongings safely. For instance, if they were carrying vacationing items for instance skiing or music systems. It is also important to have a concealed space for tucking away house upkeep equipment. If the property lacks adequate storage space then consider having a few shelves put up. This could be particularly useful in the garage, shed or back room.

    Air Conditioning and Insect Screens

     During the summer months, Sydney can feel a bit steamy due to the tropical climate. It can be particularly difficult to sleep comfortably in such situations. Many tenants consider it a non-negotiable to have reverse-cycle air conditioning altheas in some rooms which can afford the residents some comfort in the heat.

    Installing ceiling fans is an effective way to increase the comfort of the house’s interiors without exceeding the budget by a mile. People also need consistent fresh air within their homes to make them feel cozy and airy. Installing insect screens can help prevent the entry of pests and airborne dust particles from entering. Adequate ventilation helps restrict mould growth and condensation, which is among the biggest concerns for tenants.


    Renting a vacation rental to stay in Sydney is nothing short of buying a home, except in this case the period of the stay is definitely fixed according to the contractual agreement and is later renewed. The steps and features mentioned in this blog should be more than effective in guiding potential tenants in finding their dream vacation rental.

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