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How to Identify Top Features of Rental Holiday Apartments

Looking for the perfect rental holiday apartment can be a daunting task, with so many options available in popular tourist destinations. However, by identifying the top features of a rental holiday apartment, you can ensure that your vacation accommodation meets all your needs and enhances your overall experience. In this blog, we will discuss the key factors to consider when selecting rental holiday apartments in Sydney, allowing you to make an informed decision and have a stress-free and enjoyable holiday. From search aspects to amenities, we will guide you on how to spot the most desirable features that will make your holiday rental truly exceptional.

What are Holiday Apartments Precisely?

To begin, let us define a holiday flat. Vacation rentals, sometimes known as vacation apartments, are short-term rentals. A vacation apartment gives you the solitude and comforts of home, unlike a standard hotel room, making your stay more private and personalized.

The presence of a kitchen and a living room is an attribute shared by all holiday apartments Sydney has to offer or any other destination. Thanks to these amenities, travellers can cook their meals, giving their trip a cosier feel. Additionally, a few of these apartments include a private pool, which elevates your trip experience completely.


Things to Consider When Renting A Holiday Apartment?

When hiring vacation apartments, the first thing you should think about is why you are taking the trip. Are you organizing a family vacation and need a vacation rental with a kid-only private pool? Or are you a pet owner trying to find vacation rentals that allow pets? Maybe you’re dreaming of a peaceful beach vacation. Determining the reason for your vacation will help you make a lot fewer decisions. 

When it comes to renting a holiday flat, budgeting is essential. Accommodations for apartments can range widely in price from opulent villas with private pools to more affordable flats. To prevent disappointment in the future, make sure your expectations and your budget are in line. If you’re planning a vacation rental with a private pool, factor in additional expenses such as pool heating. 

Another significant aspect to think about is the location. You might want to choose a central location if the intent is to see the local sights. On the other hand, a tranquil holiday might be more enjoyable in a quiet suburb. For instance, if you’re planning a trip to Sydney, consider vacation homes that offer both easy access to the country’s most well-known sites and a genuine Australian experience. 

It is important to carefully read the holiday rental agreement before committing. Make sure you grasp every term and condition. Refund procedures and hidden expenses should be made explicit to prevent disagreements with the property owner. 

Reviews and ratings can offer a plethora of knowledge regarding vacation rentals. Keep a close eye on reviews regarding the overall guest experience, cleanliness, and comfort.

Most Exclusive Features Vacationers Look For

According to the latest trends in 2024, vacationers are always on the lookout for the following features and amenities in their Holiday Apartments:

  • High-Speed Internet/Wi-Fi: With the increasing reliance on technology for work, entertainment, and communication, reliable internet connectivity is a must-have for many travellers.
  • Smart Home Features: Apartments equipped with smart home technology, such as smart locks, thermostats, lighting, and entertainment systems, are gaining popularity. These features offer convenience and enhance the overall guest experience.
  • Air Conditioning/Heating: Climate control systems are essential amenities, especially in regions with extreme temperatures. Guests appreciate apartments that offer comfortable temperature settings year-round.
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen: Travellers often prefer apartments with fully equipped kitchens, including modern appliances, cookware, and utensils. This allows them to prepare meals and snacks, saving money on dining out.
  • Washer/Dryer or Laundry Facilities: Having access to laundry facilities within the apartment or building is highly convenient for travellers, especially those on longer trips.
  • Fitness Facilities: Apartments with on-site gyms, fitness centres, or access to nearby workout facilities cater to health-conscious travellers who want to maintain their fitness routines while on vacation.
  • Outdoor Spaces: Apartments with balconies, terraces, or access to communal outdoor areas are appealing to guests who enjoy spending time outdoors and soaking up the local atmosphere.
  • Pet-Friendly Accommodations: Pet-friendly apartments are in high demand among travellers who want to bring their furry friends along on vacation. Providing amenities like pet beds, food bowls, and nearby pet-friendly parks enhances the appeal of these rentals.
  • Concierge Services: Some rental apartments offer concierge services to assist guests with activities, transportation, dining reservations, and local recommendations, providing a personalized and hassle-free experience.

Steps to Booking the Ideal Holiday Apartment

  • Identify Your Needs: List your preferences for location, budget, amenities, and apartment features.
  • Explore Rental Platforms: Check popular sites like Airbnb, Vrbo,, or TripAdvisor for diverse options.
  • Check Reviews: Focus on positive feedback about cleanliness, amenities, location, and host responsiveness.
  • Use Filters: Refine your search by location, dates, price, amenities, and other preferences.
  • Contact Host: Reach out directly to clarify any questions about amenities, check-in/out, or special requests.
  • Consider Location: Choose a central location with easy access to transportation, dining, and attractions.
  • Check Cancellation Policies: Look for flexible cancellation options to adjust plans if needed.


In summary, when looking for a holiday apartment to stay in Sydney, it’s essential to prioritize identifying the key features that align with your preferences and elevate your overall experience, ensuring a smooth and delightful vacation. By focusing on crucial factors such as search criteria and amenities, you can confidently select an outstanding holiday rental for your stay in Sydney.

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Qualities to Look for in a Short-Term Vacation Rental to Stay-in Sydney

Choosing a rental property is challenging, even if it’s temporary it serves as a home to the individual renting it. There are multiple options in every locality nowadays where the landlords compete relentlessly to attract tenants. Finding a suitable vacation rental property to stay in Sydney involves making decisions like determining a rental budget and lifestyle budget. This is followed by a thorough inspection of the property where, based on their observations a tenant can negotiate for a more suitable rental price. This blog guides new tenants on what aspects and characteristics to look for in a property suitable to stay in.

Have a look at this checklist we have compiled for you!

Key Requirements to Look for in a Short Term Vacation Rental

Pay attention to the following details when conducting an initial inspection of the property one is considering rent:

Assessing Security 

Carefully inspect the condition of the deadlocks, locks on the windows, and other security-related features. The degree of security a house can provide would go on to determine the cost of insurance. Before the inspection, the renter should also check with their insurance provider about what type of security features would impact their policy. This will enable them to know exactly what they need to look for.

Adequate Storage Options  

Storage space is precious, especially in a home where the tenant intends to move out sometime in the future. Hence, when taking the tour of the property walk around looking for suitable storage locations for items like a bike or snowboard, for instance. Determine whether there is adequate in-built storage space in the pantry, for clothes and appliances that are not used often, like vacuum cleaners.

Overall Cleanliness

Rental properties are normally leased out in more or less the same condition they had been inspected in. If the renter happens to discover that there is a lot of junk locked away in the shed or attic, or the yard needs proper weeding, then it is appropriate to enquire whether these issues would be addressed before the move-in. 

Heating Appliances

Strictly ask the property agent on site about the condition of the heating and cooling system. Ensure to find out the rooms where such appliances have been integrated and confirm if they are working properly.  

Space Measurements 

As a person looking to rent a property in Sydney one shouldn’t shy away from whipping out a measuring tape during the inspection. The goal is to check whether one’s precious dining table or master bed can fit through the doors of the property.

Crucial Creature Comfort and Amenities

Renovated Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom renovations are specifically emphasized by potential tenants. In some instances, tenants demand that they be provided with a dishwasher. If the property has new fixtures and fittings installed, it gives a contemporary feel which instantly boosts the appeal. If other facilities like the door handles, tap wares, lighting, drawers and cabinet knobs look worn out, they should be replaced. A fresh coat of paint can also so much to liven up the property. 

Internal Laundry Facilities

Having to lug a huge pile of clothes to the nearest laundromat is daunting enough for potential tenants to quit on moving into a perfectly good apartment. It may not always be possible to have a dedicated room for laundry, but installing a concealed laundry machine in the cupboard might just suffice. Combined with a washer and dryer in the kitchen, such an apartment would definitely have that edge over other rental properties in Sydney.

Built-in Robes and Storage 

As already mentioned earlier, there needs to be adequate storage space in the rental property. Unfortunately, certain older properties may not provide enough built-in or pre-installed storage space that fulfill the individual’s requirements. Every individual inevitably requires space to store their belongings safely. For instance, if they were carrying vacationing items for instance skiing or music systems. It is also important to have a concealed space for tucking away house upkeep equipment. If the property lacks adequate storage space then consider having a few shelves put up. This could be particularly useful in the garage, shed or back room.

Air Conditioning and Insect Screens

 During the summer months, Sydney can feel a bit steamy due to the tropical climate. It can be particularly difficult to sleep comfortably in such situations. Many tenants consider it a non-negotiable to have reverse-cycle air conditioning altheas in some rooms which can afford the residents some comfort in the heat.

Installing ceiling fans is an effective way to increase the comfort of the house’s interiors without exceeding the budget by a mile. People also need consistent fresh air within their homes to make them feel cozy and airy. Installing insect screens can help prevent the entry of pests and airborne dust particles from entering. Adequate ventilation helps restrict mould growth and condensation, which is among the biggest concerns for tenants.


Renting a vacation rental to stay in Sydney is nothing short of buying a home, except in this case the period of the stay is definitely fixed according to the contractual agreement and is later renewed. The steps and features mentioned in this blog should be more than effective in guiding potential tenants in finding their dream vacation rental.

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Rental Vs Homes: Which is a Better Option to Stay in Sydney

Planning a vacation or a short getaway trip is indeed an adventurous experience except when it comes to choosing the ideal lodging to stay in SydneyTraditionally, hotels were the only choice on the platter for they provided a short-term premium experience which still harbors quite the appeal in a regular travel enthusiast. However, one can get a lot more out of a vacation rental, that too within one’s desired budget and choice of destination. 

Short-term vacation rentals, may it be an apartment, a house, a single room or a private residence are growing as a highly sought-after choice for those who wish to settle in a location for a few days, or even months. However, booking a rental does come with a few drawbacks as well. Compared to the organized services provided at a hotel such as fresh towels and sheets, or a complimentary breakfast, it is less likely that most vacation rentals would offer the same. Renting a vacation home unit usually necessitates long lead times for cancellation and booking, though it is not always the case.

Let us look at this guide for more info on the differences between booking vacation rentals over homes. 

What is a Vacation Rental?

A vacation rental is quite simply a property, whether apartment, beach house, villa or condo which is rented out to tourists on a short-term contractual basis. About 700 million individuals booked vacation rentals in the last year. 

How to Navigate between Hotels and Rentals 

Outlining the difference between booking a hotel room or a vacation rental will help comprehend how both experiences vary in their unique way. Have a look at some of the key factors mentioned below:  

Spacious Accommodation

The most significant point of difference between a hotel room and a vacation rental is that the latter offers much more space. A rental home or even an apartment can accommodate numerous bedrooms, private outdoor spaces (decks and patios), a fully equipped kitchen as well as an outdoor pool. Although hotels can offer various luxurious amenities, their guests are at most provided with a single or double room with an attached bathroom. In the case of more luxurious hotel suites, an additional kitchenette or living space may be present. 

Suitable for Groups

Vacation rentals are ideal for large travelling groups comprised of family, friends or even colleagues. Renting a home with multiple bedrooms makes it easier to accommodate multiple individuals without cramping up space. In the case of a hotel booking, the travelling party would need to book multiple rooms which gets even costlier. A vacation home offers both space and privacy and enables the group to stay together, enriching their experience even more. 

Cost Effectiveness 

While talking about travelling and lodging, it is crucial to address the concerns of those who don’t wish to part with their hard-earned money so easily. Renting a vacation home might seem like an expensive ordeal at first, but considering that hotels are great for short terms stays vacation rentals are ideal when wish to extend their stay. The rental cost of a vacation home largely depends on its size, number of rooms and quality amenities they have to offer. This way it gets easier to find a vacation rental that fits into a customer’s specific requirements. 

Home-like Comforts  

Lastly, staying in a vacation rental is like living in a home away from home. Rental owners understand that tourists travel great distances just to experience living at a popular destination. They desire that home-like ambience though their hundreds, maybe thousands of miles away from their hometown. Some rentals are even with equipped with familiar creature comforts and amenities like a BBQ grill or Jacuzzi. A vacation becomes even more relaxing when one has everything they need in a living space of their choice.

Apartments Vs Villa Rentals

Not all vacation rentals are created equal. Some are cozier while others are extravagantly spacious. This brings us to the two most common types of vacation rentals – apartments and homes or villas. Both have their purposes. Renting a villa is like living in your own home for they give the resident the flexibility to take their time, relax and get to know the city they were so eager to explore.

Renting an apartment stay-in on the other hand is ideal when someone is living in a home-base city from where they would take several day trips. Sharing apartments or vacation rentals can also be quite competitive. Such rental units also come with various amenities to enhance the resident’s style of living. A prospective customer can get all they need for their ‘stay-in’ experience summarized under one single budget price payable in advance.  

The Advantage of Booking a Vacation Rental 

A vacation rental offers a plethora of amenities and luxurious experiences. This is probably why rentals and vacation homes are growing in popularity, not only because of their practicality but due to the advantages mentioned below:

  • More Savings: A vacation rental offers more value for money. They provide longer periods of stay, additional amenities as well and unique locations to stay in at just half the long-term rental price of a hotel. There is no need to go to a restaurant or order room service for a vacation home that can come with its kitchenette, appliances and utensils. The residents can save extra by budgeting their other expenses after considering the cost of the rental.
  • More Privacy: At a hotel, there is only so much assurance that a person will get the stay-in experience they desire. Budget hotels often feature thin walls that are not enough to block the sound coming from the other room. Their itinerary is also strictly scheduled, designating specific timings for complimentary breakfasts, dining and for using common areas like the bar or pool. With a vacation rental, privacy is almost certainly guaranteed. The residents get to enjoy all the amenities the property has to offer on their own. From private self-cooked dining to their private pool. A vacation home rental offers much more than one can hope for.  
  • More Local: Most hotels are typically located in areas primed for attracting the majority of tourist traffic. They are filled with distractions, heightened festivities and robust advertising. They mimic the same generalized city atmosphere that tourists wish to avoid during a vacation. A vacation rental is way better suited for those who want to experience the locality, neighborhood and even the wilderness nearby. Besides, the temporary living circumstances provided by a vacation rental are a fantastic option for test-driving life in a new location.  
  • More Spacious: A hotel room can sometimes feel like an exaggerated closet compared to how spacious vacation rentals can be. They feature ample storage space so that the residents can put away their luggage, preventing it from cramming up their space. They have a separate lounging zone and bedroom. Additional rooms can be dedicated to different activities for instance patio decks, pool/barbecue area, work desk, storage room and dining hall. There is just too much that can never fit into a single hotel unit.
  • More Like Home: Vacation homeowners and rental hosts go to great lengths to make sure they provide the best living circumstances possible for their guests. They bring recliner sofas and other creature comforts that give the residence a homelike atmosphere.


Opting for a vacation rental not only ensures more space, cost-effectiveness, and privacy but also immerses you in the local charm of Surry Hills. Unlike hotels situated in tourist-centric areas, a vacation rental allows you to live like a local, explore hidden gems, and embrace the true essence of the neighborhood.

So, when planning your next Sydney escape, consider the myriad benefits that vacation rentals in Surry Hills bring. AU Smart Rentals, with its commitment to quality and guest satisfaction, ensures that your stay is not just a temporary residence but a memorable part of your Sydney journey.