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The Significance of Hiring Professional Apartment Rentals Agencies

Those who have tried to manage their rental apartment understand the degree of prowess necessary to operate it successfully. However, there is an obvious difference between managing a single rental property and operating multiple units and its tenants. Here lies the contrast between the significance of an individual landlord and professional apartment rental agencies in Bondi Beach. Such agencies are usually overseeing dozens, in some cases hundreds of rental apartments in an organized fashion. Their primary objective is to make renting out their property a stress-free endeavour. They not only fulfil functions such as collecting rent and carrying out maintenance but also promote their listings to acquire new tenants.

This blog should help understand the difference between an individual landlord and an apartment rental agency, along with an agency’s most essential qualities.     

Individual Landlords Vs Property Management: Differences

There is a definite dilemma among rental property owners concerning whether to appoint an individual landlord or property manager or resort to the services of a professional apartment rental agency. To address this confusion, one must first consider the following factors:

  • How often are tenants expected to interact with the landlord?
  • The owner’s desire to have a hands-on working relationship with the landlord.
  • How essential is adherence to professional practices and policies?

Based on these factors it is possible to discern a few crucial differences between an individual landlord and an apartment rental agency.


Individual landlords have their obligations and cannot always be relied upon to take on calls at 2 a.m. in case there is an emergency. Professional rental agencies on the other hand have staff support available 24/7 to address any issues or emergencies that may arise during odd hours. However, an individual landlord who lives close by can afford a more personalized approach to managing emergencies of one or two rental units.  


Rental property management agencies are far more professional compared to individual landlords due to them being more resourceful. Such companies have certified experts like electricians and plumbers on-call in case an emergency were to arise. When a unit becomes vacant due to the tenants moving out, a professional property management agency immediately starts its campaign to look for a suitable replacement. This often tends to vary with the situation. There are plenty of exceptions where the landlord is extremely mindful of their tenant’s needs while the agency is unavailable on call.

Protocol and Procedures 

Strict adherence to the rules and protocols such as carrying out move-in inspections and rekeying locks after tenants move out is a mark of a truly professional apartment rental agency. Such companies usually follow the same hierarchy as found in any corporate agency, with well-defined performance standards in place. The property managers appointed by these firms are well-trained and less emotionally involved. This enables them to focus more on making business-driven decisions. Individual landlords interact with their tenants on a more informal basis, hence paying more head to their unique requirements. For instance, if they wish to live with a roommate or pet, it would be more permissible for an individual landlord rather than a property manager who follows strict policies against pets or roommates.

How are landlords and property management agencies assessed?

Rental property owners often need to resort to their gut instincts when making important decisions related to their business, however conducting some research based on the following factors can help simplify one’s search:

Talking to Current Tenants 

Asking the tenants about the quality of interaction they have with their current or past landlord or property managers can provide some insight as to their expectations. Enquire about aspects like how quickly were repairs made, do they received prompt responses, are their method of interacting is friendly, and so on. It is important to appoint someone who has the potential to establish a strong relationship with the tenants from the get-go.

Having a Sense of Turnover Rate

The rate of vacancy in any apartment building or rental unit can be a strong indicator to gain an idea of performance quality demonstrated by the landlord or property manager. If the unit in question has a low rate of turnover it could be an indication that the tenants are happy with the quality of interaction provided by their landlord. However, a low turnover rate does not necessarily point out a lack of quality service and support. It could be so that the property is located in an area with a traditionally low turnover rate, for example near a university or in the tourist hotspot.

Checking Online Reviews

Checking the landlord’s online reviews is perhaps the most straightforward method of assessing their viability and performance. Tenants who have had a positive experience often give their landlord or management positive reviews to express their satisfaction. There are several reliable platforms online where property owners can check out ratings and reviews of landlords and property management firms.

Benefits of Hiring an Apartment Rental Agency

Rather than performing all the duties related to running and maintaining rental properties on one’s own, outsource the work to an apartment rental agency and enjoy benefits like:

Obtaining Quality Tenants 

Rental property managers can discern who are the ideal candidates for renting out the property. They have well-organized systems in place that enable them to screen potential tenants thoroughly. This way they can avoid inconveniences like delays in rental payments, property damages or legal issues related to the property. Instead, they can shortlist tenants who would rent the property for long periods, look after it and make timely payments.

Fewer Legal Issues

Rental property managers can tackle legal issues with ease due to the support of a dedicated and reliable legal team. Renting out a property to even a single bad tenant can lead to substantial legal and financial issues. High-quality and experienced property managers protect properties from potential legal issues. They minimize the risk by closely screening tenants, handling evictions, carrying out inspections, collecting rent and managing security deposits.

Consistent Rent Collection

Though it might seem like an easy task to do, there are challenges involved. Property managers can either choose to automate the rent collection system or stay on top of questionable tenants. Collecting the rent on time can make a significant difference in successfully managing a rental property for all parties involved.

Reliable Accounting 

Every proper property management firm has a team of dedicated bookkeeping and accounting staff. They are responsible for formulating the tenant’s financial packages and handling the owner’s cash distributions. These property management firms also provide an online portal available 24/7 for the owner to check their state of affairs and financials such as general ledger, payables, receivables and tenant service issues.  

Effective Marketing

Professional rental management companies possess the resources to market and promote the rental properties under their care. They can reach out to a larger number of potential tenants and ensure their occupation.

Maintenance Repairs 

Rental prices can be highly competitive. This is why expert property managers conduct competitor analysis to set the most attractive rates for tenants. Their deep knowledge and understanding of the rental market enable them accurately price their listings accurately.  


By now the difference between individual landlords and apartment rental agencies in Bronte has been well established. In light of the aspects discussed in this blog hiring a rental agency is the best alternative when it comes to managing multiple rental units and having a quality impact on the rental experience.